WCIU properties exist to help fund the ongoing projects of the University, specifically the mission fulfilled by our academic department of “Preparing Men and Women to Discover and Address the ROOTS of Human Problems Around the World.” 

We are inspired by this idea that we can contribute to that effort with monies collected from rentals for housing, dorms, conferences, catering, etc. 

The monies that you spend with WCIU do help make a difference around the world!

If you would like to know what’s happening on our campus lately visit this page to see what’s happening at WCIU this coming month!


Ideal for student housing at prices hard to beat.


Low cost housing in a safe community near the beautiful foothills.


Offering a home for organizations wanting to partner with our focus of addressing human issues globally.


An inexpensive stay for short term visitors or conference attendees.


Top rate conference services with amazing prices. Great for weddings, meetings, or large group conferences.