WCIU’s academic program is set up to train leaders right where they are live and serve (distance learning)  That means WCIU has a very large campus with quite a bit of space that it doesn’t use specifically for it’s own purpose.

We prefer to rent office space to organizations with a similar mission and purpose to WCIU’s.  By partnering with like-minded organizations we are able to better share resources and information allowing us to all be more effective.

Some of our largest partners on campus are currently: Providence Christian College, Sovereign Grace Church, Judson Elementary School, Excelsior High School, Pasadena Waldorf High School, Pacific Palisades Institute, and HRock Church Offices.

We do have numerous other campus partners who have either their offices, ministries, meetings, or gatherings on our campus.

If you are interested in learning more about our campus and the possibility of partnering with WCIU please connect with us right away as our space is very limited.


Ideal for student housing at prices hard to beat.


Low cost housing in a safe community near the beautiful foothills.


Offering a home for organizations wanting to partner with our focus of addressing human issues globally.


An inexpensive stay for short term visitors or conference attendees.


Top rate conference services with amazing prices. Great for weddings, meetings, or large group conferences.