You might be in Pasadena to visit a student attending college nearby, to spend a few days on vacation or for business, and you are looking for a lower-cost place to stay.  We have set aside several rooms in our on-campus housing for that very purpose.

If you are on a budget or looking to save some money, our rooms will do the job.  While they are not as updated and modern as local hotels, they don’t cost as much as hotels either. 

Our rates are very reasonable and we hope to serve you soon.  You are going to love Pasadena!


Ideal for student housing at prices hard to beat.


Low cost housing in a safe community near the beautiful foothills.


Offering a home for organizations wanting to partner with our focus of addressing human issues globally.


An inexpensive stay for short term visitors or conference attendees.


Top rate conference services with amazing prices. Great for weddings, meetings, or large group conferences.